Brad Bohen

Brad Bohen grew up a fishy kid in a fishy town- Hudson, WI on the St. Croix was a Huck Finn-like paradise in the 1970's and 1980's providing all kinds of warm and cold water fishing options to a kid with a bike and a wandering, fish-filled mind. Fly fishing dovetailed well into the whatever-and-whenever fishing attitude that has driven Brad's angling passion to a full-time career; angling, outfitting and communicating the fishing lifestyle.

Northern Wisconsin, aka Musky Country is now the basecamp of choice for Brad. He keeps time by the moment spending the months of May through November applying his brand of Kung Fu to the flowages, lakes and rivers of the Hayward Lakes Area.

The Afton Angler (Brad's online pen name) has wanderlust in his bones and will hit the fishy trail at the drop of a hat when the opportunity presents itself. Lots and lots of road miles seeking water and days spent messing around in boats have provided a unique brand of seasoning to Brads drive and way of life.

Brad Bohen fly fishing guide
Brad Bohen musky fly fishing

The authentic Up North way of life - close to the land and waters and enjoying the best of every season with the best of company - is what Musky Country Outfitters specializes in, providing anglers a professionally hosted fly fishing experience second to none. Brad lives and breathes his job, and like nothing more than to share his Northern Wisconsin backyard and his passion for fly fishing for muskies with others.

Although not much of an alpine skier, Brad likes to use a quote from skiing great Jean Claude Kily to sum up his general outlook on things, "Any snow- any mountain!"