Fall Fishing Season

September is back to school time for the younger generation, and the main hustle and bustle of the tourist season begins to wane. September also ushers fall into the northwoods, as shorter daylight hours begin to trigger many changes in the waters and woods we are immersed in.

September is a time of transition and a time of bounty. Dedicated anglers will find opportunities at every turn…so much to do and so little time. Stream trout become active during daylight hours once again as water temperatures decrease. Think terrestrial time as ants, crickets and grasshoppers offer up the main bounty. Some epic surface fishing can be anticipated at this point in every season.  Lake run chrome can be at it's best…

fly fishing for muskies

Musky begin to take center stage though, as they put on the feedbags for a long winter, capturing the full attention of MCO guides, despite the plethora of hunting and fishing opportunities presented on a daily basis.  Warm and cold water fisheries alike really start building toward their prime, and hunting seasons begin to open as well.  Add in the brilliantly colored foliage that is also rapidly approaching it's peak and you've got the closest thing we've found to paradise!


 October is the peak of everything fishy in our world as everything comes to a head and signs of another long winter begin looming on the horizon.  Big steelhead, browns, pike and the mighty musky become about as available as they get, and of course its full-on hunting season too…

Musky Country Outfitters are often dawn to dusk at this point of the season. Every day and every weather system ushers in a change in the activity level. This true trophy time arrives with the first really harsh weather of the season driving dedicated musky hunters to the water come rain, snow, sleet or hail- Game On!

   musky fly fishing

November is touch and go for fishing - some seasons we can fish right up to Thanksgiving and others the ice rolls in by the first week in northwestern Wisconsin- pretty much up to old Ma' Nature. The south shore tribs remain open until the 15th and steelheading can be cold, but superb, as more fish enter the system each day.


Muskie remain active in the big rivers and as long as we can launch our boat (or break ice to do so) we will get after these beasts.  Bring warm clothes!

Every day on the water in November is a gift, especially as we approach the end of the month.  Winter is hot on our heels now, and the season can end any day.  As soon as the ice takes up its seasonal residence it's time to take a deep breath and begin to look back at another season of this dream we're living!