Lake Superior Trout & Steelhead Fly Fishing

Here in Northern Wisconsin we are blessed to have one of the world's largest sources of freshwater right in our back yard.  Lake Superior, Gitchee Gummee as the natives termed it, offers yet another opportunity for the northwoods fly fishing angler to explore wild waters in search of their equally wild trout residents.

Call them 'steelhead' or don't, the old salt vs freshwater debate concerning the title of these anadromous wanderers takes nothing at all away from the fact that they are a notoriously tricky fish to pattern, and will rock your world on the end of a fly line!

One of the larger south shore tributaries in our Northwest Wisconsin, the Bois Brule, enjoys quality runs of wild steelhead and lakerun brown trout in both the Spring and Fall seasons offering some diversity in the fishing for these silver devils.

Fish are in the river from August through early June most years (season is closed mid-November through the end of March) and the most consistent fly fishing is usually in April and October, weather dependent of course.

If you have Spring cabin fever and you want a thrill that you won't forget give us a shout and we can guide you to some terrific steelhead fly fishing on the Brule River.