Primo Tail Musky Flies

Primo Tail Musky Flies

Primo Tail was not hatched overnight.

Brad Bohen and Brian Porter had a vision on the river one day. It was October and one of them had just caught another Wisconsin musky on a bucktail fly Bohen had been tying and perfecting for several seasons. 'Hey, this is really cool stuff...why don't we try and make this our way of life...' was sort of how it went down and has been going and growing ever since.

Tying super durable, super fishable and super fishy flies has been a big part of why Primo Tails sister company - Musky Country Outfitters has become the go-to place for the growing cadre of predator fly fishing devotees around the fly fishing world. The success is straightforward the way Brian and Brad see it - "Primo Tail Brand Predator Flies and Tying Materials are the best there are...Period!"

tying a musky flyBrad Bohen started tinkering with musky flies seriously in 2000 while in the early stages of his now widely known bout with Musky Fever. "I was using the standard predator offerings at the time - Dahlberg Divers and Mega-Divers, Lefty's Deceiver...some Blanton stuff...and it all worked. I caught musky on all those patterns. But I wanted my own flies that worked better in my opinion...better materials, better tying methods that built-in foul proof and tooth proof performance and better performance in the water where it matters most. The super select materials and detail attention in the whole fly creation process - that Bohen touch...produces unique flies that are beautiful to look at - balanced and nearly organic but are flat out fish enticing weapons that anglers all over the world are raving about.

Bohen is quick to credit and acknowledge the fly tyers who came before him and inspired his designs and methods. Bob Popovics, Dan Blanton, Kelly Galloup, Bob Clouser, Dave Whitlock, Joe Brooks and a number of other noted fly tiers and many unsung heros of streamer circles have provided guidance and inspiration to Bohen's way. Bob Popovics more than any other unlocked some real fundamental materials handling technique guidance for Bohen's style of big streamer - hair, flash, feather mantra that is a trademark of Primo Tail.

"Pop Fleyes are the ultimate merging of form and function in the predator fly fishing realm in my opinion." Bohen says "I came up with a bunch of my own stylistic tying methods and fishing techniques just screwing around not knowing much about Pop's methods and then came across his work around 2003 and it was like BAM! Here is what I have been attempting to do!"

Same with Kelly Galloup and his big trout approach to things it helped Bohen realize that his screwing around methods for tricking predator fish and the flies he was designing to catch them were in fact already out there in a different manner. "Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout is the best musky fly fishing book out there right now." Bohen winks "Kelly and Bob Linsenman really do a stellar job of priming an angler on top level predator hunting methodology."

Bottom line is Bohen, Porter and Company know their roots and they have put in their dues taking those great fundamentals to a new place - Primo Tail.

musky flies for saleThe Primo Tail story begins with prime northern bucktail hand picked by Brad Bohen each autumn from the top sources. First choice picking helps put Primo Tail at the top of the quality triangle...everything else is down hill from where we operate is what we like to think! Quality control is built into the entire process at Primo Tail. Sourcing the best materials is nearly a full-time job for Bohen.

Truly Prime Northern Bucktail is by definition from late autumn, WI/MN/CAN whitetail BUCK deer. Only about five percent of the whitetail deer produced in Wisconsin are Primo Tail grade bucktail. That leaves a lot of other tails from different times and places a good measure down from the best - Primo Tail DoubleA Grade bucktail. It's select grade and it is processed by us expressly for durable fishing flies. This is the finest quality bucktail out there - Grade DoubleA.

What is Grade DoubleA? Well if you have to ask then you will have to do some research. Bohen's online pen-name is the AftonAngler. And his rantings and drivel have been scoffed at, laughed at and generally admired across the fly fishing world wide web for a decade. If you have nothing better to do google up AftonAngler some dull day and you'll learn plenty about DoubleA and Primo Tail and chasing big nasty fish in the most beautiful places in a kick ass manner.

"I spend part of every day dealing with material acquisition in some way shape or form. I guess I'll never rest until I have my own deer herd and chicken flock and flashabou forest..." Bohen likes to joke (flashabou does not really grow on trees you know).

Same for the rooster saddle and the maribou and the thread and the hooks and the finishing materials...all tested, tried and trued in the great freshwater labratory called Musky Country - our backyard. Primo Tail is close_to_the_source fresh. American anglers making great production flies on the shores of classic musky anglers for anglers. It's a fresh and unique offering in the world of fishing flies.

Hang Time Hackle is another trademark Primo Tail product. Like the AA Grade bucktail, Hang Time Hackle is the finest grade of saddle type feather available anywhere. With the Primo Tail finish process the quality of these feathers and their life and durability on the pattern is unique and noticeable.

Primo Tail colors are lasting and vibrant. Our dying program is small batch/quality based - ensuring fresh and unique colors. We approach the color process as a finishing touch to an already superior product.

All Primo Tail patterns are developed through the cycle of guiding and outfitting in Northern Wisconsin - Musky Country Outfitters exclusively uses these patterns in their fly fishing operations. The patterns that are around and produce season after season are what you are seeing in the Starting Line-Up. Created, tested and proven on the job in some of the most demanding fly fishing on the globe - the waters of Musky Country.

We've passed these patterns around the world a bit too. Guide friends, clients of MCO and some determined fly collectors have dispersed Bohen's creations far past the limits of his travel and fishing experience. "I'm constantly tickled by stories and images from all across the predator fly fishing globe coming back to me. I love getting reports of some big nasty fish in some exotic and far flung fishery falling to one of my flies! It's as good as going there...or as close as I am able to imagine;)"

Musky, smallmouth and largemouth bass, striped bass, pike, walleye, catfish, big trout and salmon...and the list goes on! Widely effective and highly sought after - Brad Bohen's tried and true designs are world famous.

World Record Catches

Articles and Acclaim

"I just want to have lasting, durable, beautiful flies that are fun to fish. In musky fly fishing there is a great deal of time spent just casting and working the patterns back to the boat between action. Personally I need to have a fly that is fun to watch and to fish to keep me focused and on my game. My flies are a direct result of that need...and I found out that other anglers and lots of big predator fish like the same things I do!"

Why Primo Tail?

When you examine all it takes to get to the right place at the right time...putting yourself THERE with a shot at a fish of a lifetime...or any fish like a musky for that matter...why not have the absolute best?

I stand 100% behind everything this brand represents and is all about states Bohen. If you are not satisfied with something from Primo Tail I will not rest until you come away with what you want.

When you buy Primo Tail you support sustainable local level business! Our tiers are local guides and anglers and your support does a valuable community service THANK YOU for helping keep sons off couches and fishing bums gainfully employed! There is no middle man in the process - from our vise to your box...sustainable, local, always fresh!

Why settle for regular tail when you can treat yourself to Primo Tail?