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fly fishing for a musky video taping fly fishing for muskies

Catching a musky on fly tackle is hardly a new concept, but the idea seems to be garnering attention from all corners of the angling world.  The magic of modern media has given us a number of platforms from which to share our passion for this fishery, and a few of the incredible encounters we have witnessed along the musky trail so far.  Capturing a quality still or moving image of one of these elusive predators is an additional challenge that we welcome and enjoy, so we'll do our best to keep this page populated with plenty of fresh content.


This is a short handheld clip shot last fall.  MCO crew Brian, Tim and Chris enjoying a day off fishing the big river in the late fall.



Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero Trailer from RT on Vimeo.

Last season we had the good fortunte to work with Chicago-based filmmaker, Robert Thompson.  Catching a musky on a fly is a challenge, but capturing the whole thing in Hi-Def is another level of challenging.  RT put in work, melting his mind behind the camera day in and day out, and was nicely rewarded.  His skillful camera work, and amazing editing talent combine to tell a very cool story about MCO guides Brad Bohen and Brian Porter, and the life they've chosen- chasing muskies in the north woods of Wisconsin. 

A 20 minute version of the film has been touring the country on the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and the full length version is available on DVD- with over an hour of special features- from Robert's website,

Here's an awesome response that Josh from Kenosha emailed to Robert:

"Ok - so I just sat down and watched this DVD in its entirety. My (edited for WFFP) thoughts on it:

This DVD is amazing. It's Brian and Brad's words, wisdom, and the way Robert put it all together. It's something ANY angler should see. I don't care if you are throwing fuzzy red wads to carp or a size 18 disco midge to  trout. This movie amazed me. Sure, it may be the fact that I have spent  time in Hayward (for mountain biking albeit) and camped out along the  Namekagon on some portage site for 3 days and didnt see one single  person while surrounded by tea-stained waters. It may be the fact that  this is my second year on the fly and I am amazed at what people can do, and what I have learned by just going out and getting on the water when I can.

I have not seen a movie on fly fishing that is so well put  together and honest. It shows more than some big fish or some  waterlifers - it is finely orchestrated documentation of a couple of  guys' passion, ingenuity, and determination to make stuff work. It is
personal enough to hit that visceral level of life - be it something  most of us envision as opposed to live daily. And in that same moment, there is an element of ascension to it. It's exciting and enlightening.  Tie in a phenomenal soundtrack, beautiful film footage, fly-tying and patterns, raw dialogue, and a keen eye for piecing together the fine-tuned madness of anglers steeped in pursuit of their passion. The extra material is equal to the main event. Bravo.

Get a copy however you can. Grab a tasty beer. Immerse yourself.

Amen. You guys bring it down to earth. And you shared it with us."

Josh Radlein, Kenosha, WI