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The logistics of creating a domestic fly tying company in Hayward Wisconsin, the Musky Capital, are far from simple, especially for a bunch of fly fishing guides with an all-consuming musky addiction! But that addiction fueled the leg work needed to track down sources of the premium-grade materials that are necessary for creating large patterns that consistently fool big predator fish, and at long last Primo Tail is proud to publicly offer some of the most tweaked, tested, tried and true predator flies on the planet- freshly dyed and freshly tied, direct from our Musky Lab, just outside the musky mecca of Hayward, Wisconsin.

Few fish encourage and reward innovative tying like the musky. Exactly replicating specific forage isn't crucial, but even the smallest changes to an established pattern can produce subtle differences in profile and action that can have varying effects on their productivity. Every Primo Tail fly is the product of nearly a decade of firsthand trial and error with wild Hayward Wisconsin muskies as the primary test subjects. MCO guides and their clients have fooled many a mighty musky with these patterns, compiling a couple line-class records and several lifetimes worth of memories in the process.

Primo Tail Bucktail

Bucktail is a totally natural product! It's infinite in variability - no two are identical!! After a decade of handling 1000's of Bucktails annually Brad Bohen has come up with a fair grading system and a logical pricing system to satisfy the discriminating fly tier.

All Primo Tail Bucktail will be sold by the gram and priced according to the three classes of tail fibers - Standard, A Grade and AA Grade. You don't go to the butcher shop and by a steak at a set price no matter what! You buy by the ounce and by the grade of meat!!

Remember - When you fish for the best - forget the rest...There is only ONE Primo Tail!