June marks the point in the season when the peak of activity on the trout streams take place. The big mayfly hatches are upon us - brown drake and Hex time. As the month winds down and the water warms up the stream trout fishery begins to decline during daytime and night fishing begins to be the order of the day.

At the same time the warm water fisheries really start to flourish. Spawning is complete for all species in the early part of the month and feeding patterns begin to build toward their summer peak.  Beautiful weather and long periods of daylight in the north country allow ample time to explore and allow for a number of marathon float fishing trips that aren't possible during the shorter days of fall.

fly fishing for muskies

 July ushers the tourist season and the height of summer in Northern Wisconsin, a great time to make use of the daylight to seek out lesser known and hard to access waters. This time of the season the focus is squarely on the smallmouth bass, pike and musky fisheries. We have the one of the greatest concentrations of warm water float fishing on the planet in musky country and there is more out there than all of us can get to in a lifetime of exploring!

Late July will bring on the beginning of the lake run migration season as big, chrome fish begin to push out of Lake Superior and into south shore streams.  Local anglers in the know get out at dusk and dawn with hopes tied to their stout leaders…nothing like getting a summertime chromer!

August in far northwestern Wisconsin finds the tourist season, as well as the summer, climbing to its peak and then starting to slip away. Warmwater fisheries continue to be the focus as dedicated musky hunters prepare for the arrival of the long-awaited fall.

smallmouth bass

 MCO guides spend August working the big river systems for smallmouth bass, pike and musky as well as exploring the myriad of area lakes for new and interesting options. More and more lake run trout and salmon continue to push into the waters flowing off the south shore as well…shots at chrome improve.